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January 30, 2019

Hot water mineral springs near Murcia, Spain

Summer vacations are now over, the water temperature keeps going down, the days are getting shorter and a clear firewood smell is in the air. Winter is clearly on its way and the beach season in Spain is now officially over. All of the factors listed above increase the level of stress, which in turn leads to worsening of the overall health and development of different illnesses. But is there anything we can do about it? Should we just sit in front of a fireplace for another 6 months wrapped up in a warm blanket and dream about hot summer and gentle sea waves? Definitely not!

Have you ever been to a hot springs spa? Balneotherapy (from Latin “balneum” meaning “bath”) or medical treatment of a disease via bathing in mineral water has been first established by Herodotus, an ancient Greek historian. And it was Hippocrates, the father of medicine, who wrote about a favourable therapeuticeffect of mineral waters.

Spain houses a few hot mineral water spas, where you can bathe all year round! One of these spas is located on the southeast of Spain approximately 30 km from the city of Murcia and 2 km from a small village called Archena. The spa is adjacent to the river Segura and is surrounded by palm and eucalyptus trees and other lush greenery.

Archena’s thermal baths are one of the oldest in Europe. Archeological findings indicate that ancient Iberians were using the springs in the 5th century B.C. Then the Romans came and built thermae baths here.

The spring water

The water comes from underneath the ground and has a constant temperature of 52.5 degrees Celsius. The water is high in sulfur, which you can easily identify by its characteristic smell. Nonetheless, you quickly get used to it. The water at Archena contains chloride, sulfur with calcium and sodium. It has been sitting underground for over 15 000 years and has accumulated a high amount of mineral salts, which give it its therapeutic value.

Archena Balneario

Medical indications

You do not need to have any medical indications in order to come and enjoy the hot springs SPA.
Archena’s magical waters will reduce stress, boost your immune system, improve joint health and beautify your skin!
As for medical indications, Archena’s hot springs are recommended for people that are experiencing joint disorders or diseases (arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, etc), skin problems and respiratory diseases as well as rehabilitation after traumas and surgeries.

Average annual temperature in Archena is 17.8 °C, and everyone here just wears a bathrobe and a towel hair wrap year-round.

Spa treatments

At Archena SPA you can get a qualified doctor’s consultation, who will create for you an individual treatment plan.
The Balneario of Archena houses three different treatments zones: Thermal Swimming Pools (Spa Piscinas Termales), Balnea Thermal Circuit (Circuito Termal Balnea) and Thermal Treatments Area (Las Termas, Galería Termal).

Thermal swimming pool: includes different indoor and outdoor swimming pools, Jacuzzi baths, jets and waterfalls. There is a pool for kids. Excellent for families. No age restriction.

Balnea: this is a circuit of mostly indoor spa-procedures including different saunas (different temperatures and humidity levels), an ice cave, contrast showers, a pool with lemons, hot hammock beds and infrared sunbeds, a pool with high salt concentration where you cannot sink and it is totally relaxing and soothing for all of your muscles. Balnea circuit has one very special steam room called Estufa Archena, it is here that the underground spring shoots from a fountain from the wall. Archena Steam Room has constant humidity of 90% and the spring’s temperature is 50°C. Washing your face and body daily with this water will make your skin radiant and help improve acne problems.
Kids are allowed to enter Balnea starting from 14 years old accompanied by an adult.

Thermal treatment area: this is the original part of the ancient thermal baths, now it is underground (located on floor -2). Here is where the thermal treatments (massage, body wraps) are done using mineral water and special mud.

How to book

You can book your stay at Archena’s hot water spa at the official site, which is here.

The best option is to choose a package that includes accommodation in a hotel, this way access to the SPA treatments is cheaper. You can also buy a daily pass to enjoy the Balnea or the thermal pools.

Balneario of Archena has three different hotels for you to choose from (Hotel Termas ****, Hotel Levante **** and Hotel León ***), lots of parking space, bars, cafes, a restaurant and a souvenir shops.

To conclude

In case you get tired of your daily treatments at the SPA and want a change of scenery, then you can easily plan a day trip to the city of Murcia, capital of the region. When in Murcia, do visit the main landmark – the Cathedral Church of Saint Mary, a beautiful example of baroque architecture and Bishop’s Palace just beside it. Make sure to walk along the famous streets of Trapería and Platería and try out local cuisine.

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